Hi my child was diagnosed a week ago. I’m trying to connect with other families in the area for support.

Hi, Eleni, and welcome to TypeOneNation! Where is your area?

Brookline Massachusetts

JDRF has a Greater New England chapter:

Your endo and Certified Diabetes Educator (if your endo’s office has CDEs — they’re usually easier to reach and faster to respond than the doctor can be) might have suggestions, too. Plus I’m told there are Facebook and other social media groups.

But if you want in-person, local support, and no one here happens to be near Brookline, then I’d start with that JDRF chapter. In my experience, JDRF volunteers are truly excellent about helping people connect with the kind of support they need. I really can’t recommend JDRF enough. I mean, this Forum is JDRF-run, and it’s pretty awesome. :wink:

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Hi @Elenigianiotis welcome to Type One Nation. The first year can be very difficult for the whole family so I hope you find some help and please feel free to ask any questions you might have.