Children's Congress Help!

Hi i'm Aneka!

I was wondering if anyone knows how i get invovled with the children's congress? i have been really interested and i'm 14 years old. Does anyone have an email or someone to tell that im really interested??

Thank You (:


The application process is closed right now for 2010 but, you can click here to find out how to get involved.


hope this helped.


Aneke, As a past participant in Children's Congress, I can give you first hand feedback about its sheer awesomeness. It can be a personally transformative experience as well as create tangible policy change in Washington. I'm excited that smart, enthusiastic people like you continue to be interestedin the program. As Gina stated, the application process is closed for the next one, but certainly pursue the following session. In the meantime you can get involved with government advocacy through JDRF's "Promise to Remember" campaign at

I went this past year and it was the most amazing experience!!  They are every 2 years so the next one is in 2011.  It just requires an application and an essay. I would definately recommend it!  Feel free to ask me any questions!

thanks!! ya i think i'm going to go to the next one i can go too :)

was it like a week long? was it hard to get in? or do a lot of people make it?? 

Also... do parents go too?


No, it was 3 days long but in the past it apparently had been four.  It is very competitive.  They said they recieved over 1,500 apps and only had 150 spaces!  Basically, just lay out all your emotions in the essay and your diagnosis story in detail and tell why a cure is important.  Parents do get to go ( although one is paid for) you can bring both.  They pay for the plane and all transportation, food, and stuff for you and one parent.

Hope that helps!

ya that does help!! thats a lot of apps, for only so many spots!!

your sooooo lucky to have made it!