Children's Congress!

Hey Everyone,

My name is Kaiti and i was apart of the 2007 Children's Congress. It really was the thing I've ever done. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to make a difference. I had the best time in Washington D.C. I'm sure you would too!

I was wondering how much of the negative side effects are dicussed. We try to shelter our son from the really bad stuff. It was on the registration that we needed to be aware of those discussions. So we withdrew our application. Was it bad what did they talk about?

I'm going for the first time in 2009!  Anyone else?

Hi Kaiti,

It's Mom once again joining in. I would join in telling people that this was truly one of the best experiences we have had as a family. Yes, it is hard to talk about the "bad stuff" (ie complications), but don't kid are smart and connected and it is possible that they already know and you need to be able to discuss this stuff before it gets out of hand. This site is so great because, as much as we love our kids (sorry Kaiti, young women), we really DON"T know how they feel when they are low or high. Being able to talk with someone who "gets it" without explanation is great :) At Children's Congress we met so many people who deal with what we do everyday. The stories were amazing! Mary Tyler Moore is an amazing and gracious woman who gives of herself to help the lives of others. One of the most telling incidences for me was the opening night dinner. Kaiti turned to me and said that it was the first time since her diagnosis that she has not felt "different" when out to dinner. I had no was an eye opening moment for me. If you get the chance, Children's Congress is an amazing experience. For those who have been selected, good luck. Hopefully yours will be the last one necessary :)

Hi Kaiti and Marci, My son was a delegate in 2007 and It was absolutely the best experience for both of us. We did discuss the "bad stuff" but not to a degree that was upsetting for my son, he was 7. The benefits, other than being given an opprotunity to have our voices heard by Washington were worth any discussion. The first night we entered for dinner my son took my hand and said with wonder in his voice "hey mom, they're all testing, I'm not different." from that point on my world changed (and I cried a lot, good tears!!!). I agree, it is such a great chance to be with others who "get it". Apply in 2011, it is a chance in a lifetime. We would reapply again if we could. It also has given me great insight into continued advocacy with local government and in the community as a whole.

i remember when i was a kid i wanted to be a part of the children's congress, but i didn't know how to enter. oh well at least now i am getting involved in doing something.