Choosing a new insulin pump

Hello all! I have been using Animas insulin pumps for the last 17 years and have been very happy with them. However, due to Animas going out of business, I need to switch to a new insulin pump company. I have been doing some research into the current insulin pumps available and am having a difficult time deciding which option would be best for me. I am currently on the Animas vibe pump and Dexcom G4 therefore, I would prefer to have an insulin pump that connects with a CGM, however I am hearing mixed reviews on both the Tandem T-slim X2 and the MiniMed 670G. I would like your opinions on the two pumps and how you find they are working for you, specifically the closed-loop system of the 670G, and the battery life of the T-slim X2. I am an OR nurse and need something that is reliable and that I do not constantly have to be fidgeting with throughout the day. I look forward to your feedback. Thank you!

I don’t like Medtronic sensors, and I’m disappointed with Medtronic in general after 18 years on their products. I’d suggest trying out the Tandem/Dexcom G6 pair. That will be my choice when I am finally eligible for a new pump. If you are technically inclined, take a look at Loop. It is one of the DIY artificial pancreas solutions. I am running Loop until I can qualify for an upgrade to my technology-challenged Medtronic pump.

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Thank you so much for your response, Mike! I have been reading that many are disappointed with Medtronic’s sensor. I have been using Dexcom’s CGM for many years and am very happy with it. I will definitely take a look into Loop, thanks for telling me about it!

Hi @cschier, on January 21st I began using a Tandem t-Slim x2 after having exclusively used MiniMed / Medtronic devices for 15 years; I began using the Dexcom G5 this past August.

THe G2 sensor is very accurate and reliable - so far no failures or fall-offs; I intend to soonnext transmitter] upgrade to the G6 [which was approved by CMS last October] to fully utilize all current and future features of the t-Slim. So far, I really like the results under the Tandem pump - CV percentage improved by ofer 2%. With the t-Slim I can adjust basal rates in increments of 0.01 units and ease of use is outstanding.

If you are considering the Tandem pumps, I suggest that you install their simulator app and experiment with its usage - which startled me one evening when the app on my tablet started beeping me to tell ne I had missed my supper bolus.

OK I’m going to jump into the middle of this and tell you that my favorite is the Omni Pod, it is tubeless and wireless and I hear that Dexcom and Insulet ( mfg of Omni Pod ) are working together to combine the two units. The only problem is that when Azar took over CMS he changed the designation of the Omni Pod from a Dme to a drug., , stupid move. This is the easiest pump, no tubes to worry about and you change it out every 3 days. Cigna, the new ins. co for me is the only ins co to cover this for seniors, check it out. I have been off the pump for 8 months because of the change but I am back on ASAP. If I can help let me know, but I love my Omni Pod, had it for 9 yrs. Have a great day, Bye Jan

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My son has been T1D for 4 years. He went with the TSlim due to compact size and ease of use. He has been happy with it and Tandem partners with Dexcom. He has not yet upgraded to the x2. Eligible this summer. TSlim customer service has been good. My son has recently had issues with basal dosing, but we believe it’s due more to scar tissue that an issue with the unit. About 2 years in the TSlim stopped working and Tandem overnighted a replacement. Otherwise, no issues. I have done a lot of research on Medtronic. Not saying I am an expert, but my opinion is that Medtronic is definitely cutting edge with the next generation of features and technology. A lot of user feedback though, is that those new features don’t work for everyone. I applaud Medtronics for being an innovator, but taper my enthusiasm in that early versions of some of there new technology appears to be more marketing hype than reality. Some of that hype comes from the T1D community, in that we are so hopeful in these new advances. I also get concerned when I see insurance companies buying into the hype and then start mandating what systems are going to be covered like United HealthCare recently did with Medtronics. We need to preserve consumer choice and competition, which are the drivers of innovation. Having said all that, I like TSlim over Medtronics for now.

Ive been wearing the minimed 670g for about 2 years andove it. I got the updsted transmitter 3 werks ago and its been fabulous. The cgm has been spot on for me. Auto mode has made a huge difference in my day to day managemet. My a1c has been a steasy 6.2 to 6.4 since I started it. I can’t imagine not having it!

May I ask, why is Medtronic updating transmitters? What issue are they trying to resolve?

I have the TSlim X2. I used Dexcom’s G4 for several years and when I updated my insurance covered the G5 (which uses the same hardware as the G4) but not the G6. I’m very happy with my pump acting as the CGM receiver even though it didn’t have all the features of the G6. I have noticed though that I lose connection a little more easily on occasion if I roll over on my pump or even have it tucked in the back pocket of my jeans, or the front pocket of it’s on the opposite side of my body from the sensor. Customer support told me to be sure to place my pump face out in my pocket and try to keep it close to the transmitter. I’m a little surprised to have this issue but I’ve worked with it.

I just received a new transmitter from Medtronic because my previous one (which was only a few months old) was deemed to be the “old version” when I called them about my sensors giving me wonky readings. They told me that the newer transmitter is supposed to fix the multiple “sensor updating” alarms occurring near the end of the life of the sensors.

My 11 year old daughter has been using the T-Slim X2 for 2 years now. We love it! It was so easy for her to use and we have had very little problems with it. We are getting ready to upgrade to the Dexcom G6. You should definitely download the free simulator app to try it out. It will help you with your decision.

Hi I was a long time Medtronic user and because I used dexcom I wanted a pump that would work with it. That’s why I went with the tslim. I loved my Medtronic but I hated there cgm. I can’t complain. All pumps have there own issues. With the tslim ive pretty much eliminated my nighttime lows.

Isn’t Loop the one that only uses older Medtronic pumps?

Yes. I’m using a 722 that was collecting dust in a friend’s drawer. My “newest” pump is a 723 - not much different.

I also used the Animas pumps for many years, most recently the Vibe. Prior to that, I used a Diesatronic pump (anyone remember those?). I chose to switch to the tSlim, and am glad I did. The communication between the pump and G6 is great, and the Basal-IQ function(where the pump suspends delivery when your BG drops to a specified level and until it returns to an acceptable level) has allowed me to sleep through the night on many occasions. As far as battery, the individual who did my start up on the tSlim recommended charging my pump while I’m in the shower. The 10-ish minutes it’s plugged in usually brings the charge to 100%, or at least close to it. As a former Animas pumper, I highly recommend the tSlim!

I’m a newcomer to the pump game. I’ve been a T1D for more than 40 years but only got my first pump about 4 months ago. I got the minimed 670 with guardian sensors due to insurance cost… I recommend not getting this one, since I am constantly having to fiddle with it. Supposedly the updated sensor they just sent me may help with that,

I was in the same situation, i chose the t slim , with dexcom 6 , i also bought a new watch tic pro , it works with my note9 phone , i love it , the reviews on tge 670 just seemed all bad for me im very happy with the t slim , easy switch over !

I was told that the new transmitter wouldn’t ask me for my bg all the time. 15 minutes after inputting my bg, it would ask me for it again. If I put in my bg, 15 minutes later it would ask me again. Drove me a little bit crazy.
I should be getting my new transmitter today. Hope it works, this will be my third one.


Can you keep us updated if the new transmitter fixes the update issues? The data point will help in making my decision at the end of this month.

I am heavily leaning towards the Tandem, especially given the patient data coming out of the closed loop test at UVA. My hope is Tandem continues to grant free updates to current users and the closed loop update is released in July/August.

I also switched from the Animas to the Tandem T-slim with Dexcom G6 sensor. Having had a Medtronic pump before the Animas, I tried out their CGM. Although the newer versions may be better, I am very pleased with the G6. Sleeping all night is fantastic for me and also my husband - the best benefit. I also like the Basal-IQ function, but have not had HbA1c checked since using it. The smaller size works for me. Charging is not a problem. You can do it while showering, while working on your computer, or during a half hour TV show.