Choosing an infusion set

Was wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to choose an infusion set for my daughter.  She is 7 years old and will be going on the Animas pump in about 2 weeks.  She is very thin (50 pounds and 50 inches tall).  I have been getting conflicting information from a few of the diabetes educators I have talked to.  Some say a straight catheter would be best, others say a 30 degree catheter and one even says the steel straight needle would be best.  Don't know where to begin and I have to order her supplies soon.

Thanks for any advise!


Did Animas send you samples to try out?  If not, CALL THEM!  With the price of them, you wouldn't want to waste your money on something that you/your daughter will not like.

I have heard, but I don't know how much truth there is to it, that an angled set is better for an active child with not much body fat...  Don't go by my advice though - hey,  often even I don,t follow my own advice!  LOL

Good luck with your choice and with the pump!


I have also heard conflicting info on infusion sets and had my 15 year old son tr both. He is very thin and liked the the 90. He said he felt more like it was in solid.  One of the things I have learned from the whole pumping experience is what everyone on this site says - it varies with the individual. Order the free ones (I think they will send you two). Diabetes educators are nice people but unless they have diabetes or live it 24/7 like we parents do then I don't give them much weight.  They get some input from reps and some patients but this is your best source for real hands on. Here is where you have someone who has had to put an insertion in when it fell out at 2 am or had to argue with their child because the infusion was blue and they don't like blue. Yes, I have had to do both. 

I know the infusions come 10 to a box - start with one box if you can. Animas is great - call them and ask them for a sample of each and by all means call your local animas sales rep. He will have samples also. Good luck with pumping.  

I have tried both the angled set and the straight in infusion set. Personally, I have enjoyed the angled infusion set better. It was a better fit and I liked the fact that it wasn't going straight in. The straight infusion set made things interesting. One in three failed for me. So I switched to the silhouette or inset 30 now and have little to no problem with the infusion sets. However, some people have better luck than others with the different sets. My one friend used the straight set needles as he had no fat on him either. I was not a fan of those so I never tried that one. However it really is based on feel and you should try to get your hands on both types to see which one fits better or feels better. If nothing else you can get a one month supply of the one infusion set and if your daughter does not like it, switch to a different set. If nothing else your trainer or doctor should have the different types to try with.