Choosing the right Meter and Lancing Device


My son was just recently diagnosed and I am trying to find a better price for his testing supplies. It seems like the One Touch Delica lancets are very expensive and mail order pharmacies do not supply them. Can anyone tell me a great meter and lancing device that uses 33 guage lancets?? Or a name and number of a decent priced mail order pharmacy??

Just looking for suggestions.


After 30+ years of being diabetic and 25 years of using a One Touch meter I can honestly say their customer service makes up for the price. Meaning I bought the first meter and they've given me free every meter since. Any time my meter has the slightest problem I can call them and they overnight me a new one. I wouldn't give up my One Touch UltraSmart for any reason!

If it is just the lancet price that is concerning you, you could always use a different device poking device.

If you just need a different lancet device then I would ask your endo if they have any samples and could give you one to try...I've gotten one that way before. You could also ask your endo if they have any free meters they could give you, I know my endo always has lots of samples and I've gotten a few free meters from them before.

i live in canada so the prices are likely a bit different, but i use a contour meter and the lancet device that comes with it. Its relatively cheap here. lancets are priced relatively the same as the one touch delica might be much different for you.