Christmas diabetic gifts?

Does anyone have or know about any good diabetic gifts??

My grandma wants to get me a "diabetic" gift for Christmas?? I was thinking about telling her to donate to JDRF in my name!

Anyone got any ideas???

That would be a great gift. I always liked it when people paid for a month of my gym membership. If you are on a pump, clothes with pockets or accessories for the pump. My husband likes to get me the latest in blood monitors (it keeps me interested because I have a new gadget to play with)

On a side note, my worst gift came from my f-i-l. He gave me a huge tub of chocolate covered pretzels :)

What about a cool diabetic necklace or bracelet :D


I'd be partial to the JDRF donation but... There are some very fun D shirts, messenger bags, etc., at :)




Or you can tell her that ship rides are especially helpful to diabetics and see if you can get her to spring for a cruise... <eg>

Hi Stephanie,

Is there a diabetes camp that you might like to attend?  Maybe she could help toward the costs.

Where did you find that comic- that's hilarious!

Thanks for the ideas everybody! I've heard through my family grapevine that she is doing a big basket type thing with diabetic stuff in it!

According to my cousin (we always tell each other what we are getting; so they have time to get a new gife :)  JK) this is some of the stuff:

-DB necklace

-glucose tabs in a multitude of flavors

-funny D t-shirt


Thanks for all the ideas everybody!!!!

How about a medical id bracelet from ? I have a few and I love them!!!