Christmas, halloween, etc

so i'm new at this (being a diabetic i mean) and i was just wondering how other people with type one handle holidays like christmas and halloween and thanksgiving. do you eat a lot or try not to eat all of the holiday foods? just wondering...


depending on my level it doesn't really matter. i eat the same as everyone else in my family, and just balance it with insulin. if i'm really high already, then i'll take a correction and wait til my level is better than eat the candy or whatever after taking insulin to cover it.

Take it easy till you figure out how to manage your carbs. Be prepared for EVERYBODY to "know" that you shouldnt eat this or that. I try to educate my friends and family as much as possible, but it can be very frustrating at times. Other than that I try to samlpe the good stuf and not go overboard.

if youre having low blood sugars, lots of them,  feel free to have a couple treats now and then without insulin.