Christmas in the hospital

My son and I just got back from the emergency room at Childrens Hospital. Our family had the flu about a week ago and pretty much were all over it for a few days. I thought Matthew had escaped it but around 3:30 on Xmas eve he started to vomit. We checked his BG and he was at 116. In the next 2 hours he vomited another 3 times and we gave him some diet soda and tested again. It was 132 and his ketones were negative. He had not eaten anything at all that day and we test about 7:30 and he was at 156. Around 9 pm he seemed to be over the vomiting and starting to feel better.  We did another BG and it was around 175 but there were traces in his ketone strip. Shortly after that he vomited again and we ran another strip about an hour later and it as high as it could go Called the endo and went to the E.R.  ITs now 11:47 Xmas eve and the put the IV in. His BG was about 202 and keytones were still really high. They ran the tests and he was as the doctor put it DKA lite. DKA but not the most extreme. They ran the IV and we watch XMAS come in and then 1 am, 2 am etc. The doctor came in around 5 am to let us know that although the ketone strip was still high we could go home but call them in about 2 hours with a new Ketone reading and BG.

It brings about how serious diabetes is. If I had not read the many things listed here I would have looked at the numbers and assume they looked o.k. As soon as that one strip turned dark I knew it was time to call the endo.  I am so glad I was home. My son normally gets his Lantus at 9 pm. and with the vomiting my wife decided to ask her T1 friend about weather she should give the Lantus. Her friend said no but she also said she didn't take Lantus since she was on the pump. That could have been deadly.

Well, they are sleeping and I am typing and waiting to get the BG and ketone test in a few minutes and call it in.

This site is so great - I don't know how I would get along without everyone here.

Have a Happy Holiday - 

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I am sorry he got sick on xmas eve. Poor guy. Every post here teaches me something as well. The flu was never a big deal before and now it will be. I read it was but reading this makes it real. You're not a book you're people a family just like us. I am glad he got to go home.

I am sorry to hear he is sick on Christmas day.I hope he feels better soon..

Diabetes is one of those bastards that pops up to mess things up when you really don't want him too. Kinda like an uncle  you really hate, whose a drunk, that shows up to family functions uninvited and ends up lighting the house on fire...


I hope Matt is doing alright now, it's a scary thing especially when you have to get the ER involved!


What a lousy way to spend christmas eve. Your son is lucky to have you to care for him during his time of need. I hope he feels better and you have a better new years.

Thank you all. At 10:00 I called his endo at her request. At 6 am she had wanted him to drink 8 oz of regular soda and 8 oz of diet soda and to give two units of humolog . He was to check his keytones and Blood sugar at 10:00 am.

At 10 am his BG was 201 and his ketones were large but not the darkest large the one right before. He had not vomited in about 4 hours but was still really tired. Talked to the Endo and she he could eat but to try to keep it somewhat healthy. He was also to drink 24-36 oz of water in the next 4-6 hours along with diet soda to continue to flush the ketones. She said if ketones went to large again or he vomited to call again. 

After correction and food he got 5 more units of humolog and drank about 12 oz of water.

Checked about an hour ago and ketones were moderate. Checked again a few minutes ago and BG was 212 and ketones were trace-small side so we made it over the hump. Right now he is playing with his Xmas presents and drinking his water waiting for his sausage and eggs to be cooked.

Another diabetes miracle lol.  

im so sorry about your son having to go to the hospital. Today my keytones were between moderate and large, so i drank water and took insulin. lucky i didnt throw up. it was weird though, how all of a sudden my keytones showed up and my numbers elevated without anything to eat. Glad to hear he is home now.

I'm sorry about your son being sick and having to go to the hospital.  I remember those days of throwing up and going to the hospital...NOT FUN, but I'm glad you are home and he's enjoying Christmas.  Best wishes for a happy new year!