Christmas Vacation

Our family is going to the Galapagos Islands for Christmas. My daughter is 12 and has been type 1 for two years. We are planning to go off the pump and use the insulin pens as we had problems before with the sand and the sights. Any suggestions for mom and dad on how to make this trip diabetic friendly. We will be on a small boat for most of the trip. Thanks!

Buggie 125

to be honest, I tried leaving the pump off for a vacation and it was horrible. You have better control with the pump on.

We struggled with the same question pump/shots and opted to go with the shots when we went to the beach. For us to remember to hook up every hour yto get the basal of insulin was too easy to forget. I also worried about sand and salt getting their sites...occlusions whatnot. I used a breast milk tote- you know the ones that have the freezer pack in it and carried my insulin pen in that. It worked well.