Chronic Fatigue

I read about a study done in 2013 in The Netherlands that showed a link between T1D and chronic fatigue, unrelated to BG or A1c levels. 40% of the patients in this study complained of chronic fatigue. I’ve had T1D for 26 years, and I am ALWAYS tired! My CDE hadn’t heard about this study, and I intend to ask my endo the next time I see her. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of this, or had any thoughts?

i think it’s so exhausting taking care of t1d that it is a bona-fide miracle if any of us have any energy left at all.

all kidding aside - I believe that chronic disease and depression are related, and that depression and the feeling of exhaustion are also related.

I’ve had T1D for almost 17 years now, and fatigue has been something that I’ve always struggled with. Even after I was diagnosed as a kid I noticed that all my friends always seemed to have more energy than me. Now as an adult it’s gotten worse. It seems that no matter what amount of sleep I get, I’m frequently tired and/or worn out to the point where recently considered seeing a doctor about it. I’d never heard of this study that you mentioned, but it seems to make sense to me. At least for me it does because it would explain why I’ve been so easily fatigued for so long.

I had more fatigue, but was very iron deficient, due to celiac’s disease. There is a huge connectionwith type one and celiac’s, and as a nurse, I know that celiac’s is often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue. I never had any G.I. symptoms. When I went gluten-free and fixed all my vitamins deficits, the fatigue improved a lot.

It is something I think everyone with type one should be aware of.
That being said, I still get pretty worn out, rundown more than others without T1

Have you had your thyroid checked?

That’s a good point about Thyroid. I was exhausted and had it checked and now take a tyroid med. There is a strong correlation between T1D and low thyroid. Additionally, I believe the constant “weight” and management of a chronic disease can mentally drain one.

My thyroid levels have always been good. My doc checks them every 3 months with A1c and other routine tests.

Interesting. I’m a nurse too, and I know about the link between T1D and Celiac Disease. I just never heard of people NOT having GI symptoms associated with the diagnosis.

Consider getting a sleep study done. I was tired all the time in high school after I was diagnosed with T1D so my doctor recommended a sleep study. It turned out that I have sleep apnea, and when I use the CPAP machine consistently, I’m marked more alert and energetic. I have never been overweight and I didn’t use to snore during that time. There didn’t seem to be anything to suggest any sleeping disorder.

Does anyone else ever use the 5 hour energy shots to just get going in the morning?

I have T1D for 44years. In the last 2 years my fatigue has increased. I have been on Synthroid for years. I had a sleep study and take trazdone, I take Wellbutin SR. Most mornings I wake with pain and stiffness, today was a bad day for fatigue.
In 1971 when I was diagnosed with T1D I heard loud and clear, you can NEVER go barefoot again and your going to go blind, I was terrified!! No one mentioned this relentless fatigue. It really is a big surprise to me. Glad I’m not the only one.

I have had this chronic fatigue for a long time, after sharing this with my doctor he recommended a vitamin d test which turned out that I had insufficient Vd 3 since being put on medication I no longer experience this.have your vitamin d checked.

Wow, im shocled im not alone in feeling this way. Their are days like today where I felt I couldn’t open my eyes or move. Was so drained, weak and tired i couldn’t go to work. I call it “in a coma feeling”, sadly.

I’ve had T1 for 34 years and have required more sleep since birth (diagnosed at age 12). These last few years I cannot seem to get enough sleep. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. I figure since T1 is a 24/7 battle, our poor bodies get worn out.

In my early 30s, had T1D for 20 years… I’m constantly fatigued! As sad as I am to say it, I am glad I am not alone in this… have been diagnosed with depression and Adult ADHD… nonetheless, the fatigue overrides all! After treating highs and lows, and life in general, it’s truly tiring!

I’m there with y’all on the “Fatigue Strugglebus.” :wink: Seriously, though… I have not only type 1 diabetes but also hypothyroidism and a history of clinical depression. Possibly endometriosis. And possibly chronic fatigue. My gastroenterologist is investigating celiac disease as well. (Autoimmune conditions: collect 'em all! Right?!)

Hang in there, T1 tribe. :slight_smile:

Also related…

Just in case the thread participants come back and spot this…

This study is one my sister has participated in. (She has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome but not T1. I’m the only one in the family with T1.) I believe the doctor and his staff will continue to accept participants through the end of 2015. Some reimbursement of travel expenses is offered —> you have to be able to travel to Washington, DC.