Chronic Kidney Disease

I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in February of 2006. I am currently in the middle of Stage 4 with GFR (Glomular Filtration Rate) of 25.

Does anyone else have CKD?

I was diagnosed with CKDin 2004 and was told that I was in stage 3.  Since then, my nephrologist has been wonderful about trying different meds with me ( I currently take 3 different for my kidneys.)He explined the importance of keeping my blood pressure and cholesterol in check.  I went from seeing him every 3 months, to every 6, to now once a year! Last checked, he said my kidneys look like they belong to someone who NEVER EVEN HAD DIABETES! Is there any chance of slowing your condition?

Absolutely! If you do everything you are supposed to do, you can stop Chronic Kidney Disease in it's tracks!

I just joined today when I.saw your posting about CKD.  I too have CKD stage 4, my clearance is 20% and has been holding there for 4 years.   I hope that your condition has improved since this posting was made.  With today's medication and all the information about nutrition, a person has a better chance of slowing down the deteriation process of the kidneys, then say 20 - 30 years ago.  I'm wishing you the best and know from experience that positive thinking does help!


I wish it were a bit easier.  I am a stage 1-2 with GFR still over 70, but burning a lot of protein and potassium.  Taking meds. that seem to be helping, diet, exercise, watching BP and tight control of BG.  But I'd like to find time to do more that just worry about everything I put into my mouth!  It's a little too much at times and while I am vigilant, I am not happy.

Yes, I’ve had it for some time. I received a kidney transplant two years ago. You can read my entire story at


I’ve recently been diagnosed in may, so a very recent thing for me. I am only 25 my clearance is 20% and am currently waiting to go on the transplant list. it’s been a very scary and daunting past few months and I do struggle to keep my sugars within a decent range. I am also on several Blood pressure tablets and seeing my doctor every there weeks. At the moment my creatinine level is around the 200 mark but I was recently in hospital with kidney failure where it reached abround 600. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks

Ally :slight_smile:

Hello all -
I have been Type 1 for 31 years, recently diagnosed with Stage 2 CKD. Recently changed endos and he identified it, while my prior endo for several years never brought it up. Recent GFR was 81, but prior lab results have been in that range for the last couple of years. Why would the old endo not bring this up as a concern? Or is that level not a big deal considering how long I’ve had it? I’m baffled, and really frustrated because I’ve now been told to follow a low-sodium diet. This is proving very difficult for me and my husband with all the activities we do, as we often eat dinner on the run. Doing my best, but would love to hear anyone’s thoughts. Mild neuropathy too, but still pretty good sensation in hands and feet.