Chronic pain?

My brother is 21 and was dx'ed in Sept. He has yet to be able to get his levels under control, but he has bigger issues right now. I'm not too versed in the specifics of diabetes, as we're new to this, but I'm just looking for someone in a similar boat. He has CHRONIC, DIBILITATING pain from the middle of the chest down into his legs. He is basically in bed all day because it fatigues him too much to  It feels like it's his bones that hurt and he can hardly move anymore. He has seen his endocrinologist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, nephrologist, psychologist, etc. and ALL have ruled out nerve disorders, neuropothy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, kidney failure, and anything that we can even guess at has been checked into. He is currently being admitted to the hospital purely for pain management, but we NEED to find out why he's in so much pain.

Has anyone else dealt w/this?????????? Please help!!!!  If you need more info to go off of, please just ask and I will respond. Thank you.


I have not dealt with this but I really hope that your brother finds relief. Was the pain onset at the time of diabetes diagnosis (or at the time of any other diagnosis or beginning a new medication)? I'm sure physicians have asked this before, but just to check...

I would recommend looking into university-related research and/or clinical trials (for pain management)  in your area. 

Although it sounds weak, sometimes the best that we can do is behavioral management until we can find something better. Maybe experimenting with position, temperature, light, diet, etc.. would provide some relief. 

Although I am extremely supportive of modern medicine and do not support potentially harmful non-tradiational treatments, sometimes traditional medicine just can't help (there will always be a struggle to know more). It may be worthwhile to look into non-traditional therapies such as accupuncture or massage therapy. I would NOT recommend unregulated herbal supplements, ESPECIALLY because he is a diabetic. 

Either way, I hope that he finds relief soon.