Cincinnati Children's Hospital Diabetes Clinic

Has anyone been to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Diabetes Clinic? I am thinking of taking my son to be evaluated. He was diagnosed earlier this year. Any suggestions? I am open to other clinics also as I will be traveling so other suggestions appreciated.

Hi Cynthia @Csparks,
Everyone is different in how they ‘fit-in’ and relate to the persons evaluating a condition [diabetes] and being able to listen and incorporate suggestions. That said, I have heard very good reports and others on here have recommended The Cleveland Clinic - but I do not have first-hand experience. If Cleveland is “handy” for you and your son for continuing consultation, I suggest that it would be worthwhile.

When you sat “traveling”, I do not know your range, but if Boston might be on your route, I VERY strongly recommend The Joslin Diabetes Center, Joslin Clinic []. I attribute my being able to lead a long healthy life with diabetes [63 years with diabetes] to the outstanding advice and encouragement I received at Joslin from the outstanding physicians and staff.

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Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, Joslin is not in the United Healthcare Network. I am constantly arguing with them over coverage barriers - but did finally get an approval for in network benefits for the Tandem T Slim Pump. I will definitely look into the Cleveland Clinic.

I used to workEd at UC as the program coordinator for the diabetes and pregnancy program. We partnered with Cincinnati Childrens to help the older teens transition to adult care. It’s a great hospital for diabetes care.

U of M in Ann Arbor is the #1 hospital in Michigan that’s where I went when I was diagnosed and continued my care throughout my adulthood. It’s also in the top 10 in the country !