Class Party

Hi my name is Katey, I was just diagnosed in July of 2010. I have a class party coming up and I don't want to be singled out when I am the only one not eating cake and ice-cream. I don't mind my friends knowing that I have Diabetes but it is still new to me and I would prefer it stay that way. Any suggestions?

Hi Katey.   This one is tough, and I'm sure by now your party has passed.  Sorry I didn't see this earlier.    You might want to see if you can talk to your endocrinologist or a nurse at your diabetes clinic to see if there is a way you can give an extra shot of the short acting insulin you are on so you can eat the cake.  Of course, this assumes you want to eat the cake!  :-)    Most often, the short acting insulin is given to cover the carbohydrates you are eating, or any high blood glucose levels you have.   So, since this is just some extra carbs, you may be able to give a short a little before eating the cake to cover it.  

Talk to your parents or your doctor about it.  Hopefully they can help you come up with a way to fit in those things that come up that are outside your normal schedule.   

Also, dont' worry too much about standing out.  Everyone feels like they stand out - you aren't alone.  One will feel it because of their hair style, or their nose, or whatever.  It's hard to understand when you are living it everyday, but I think you will look back in 10 years and realize it wasn't so bad.  

You might also want to look at the Educating Others part of Juvenation.  Look up at the top and click the Resources tab.  There is a resource put together by members of Juvenation on what they want their friends to know and understand.   Hope this helps!

Thank you for the suggestions. It turns out that a lot of people didn't want anything either so I didn't feel like the only one. Although if I run into this situation again I will be sure to try your suggestions and your right you don't stand out as much as you think you do. Many people are to worried about if they are being singled out to notice what one other person is doing.

Dear katey,

I have class parties too, so i kmow what you mean. You wanna have fun with friends, eat cake and ice cream. Here are my tips when i was on shots then pump

  1. check your blood sugar before you do anything!it can be secret also
  2. if your blood sugar is in the range, get ready to eat ice cream!
  3. when you get home, check your blood sugar, it will normally be high
  4. give your self the correction and u dosed for it and ur blood sugar

Done with the shots, now for the pump

  1. ask to see the box/container it was in
  2. find the nutrion facts and write down the carbs
  3. check your blood sugar
  4. dose, and eat!
  5. if it is homemade, look at it and guess, i prefer high, than low

Hope this helped!

From diabetic,