Classic Controversy: Is Diabetes a blessing? This guy says YES!


I've never been able to totally make up my mind about this topic. Sure, I would LOVE to not have diabetes. I would love to eat and run and go to sleep without thinking about my blood sugar.

On the other hand, it has provided some unique and amazing opportunities....hmmm...

Check his article here:




Thanks so much for sharring that article. It is definately food for thought.

     Being diabetic is good in a lot of ways.  It helps give us motivation to do what we should be doing anyway.  I think I, too, live a healthier lifestyle due to my diabetes.  I don't want other things to go wrong if I can prevent them;  I'll have enough issues later in life.  For now, I just take one day at a time and, sometimes, one minute at a time.  I am grateful that I , at least, have a diagnosis that for the most part is treatable.  I'm still working on the "little glitches", but that's to be expected. 

Amy, I love to see such a positive attitude. It keeps me inspired for my daughter in dealing with her t1!

i like that dude. two thumbs up in my books!

Sorry.  I'm not able to say it's a blessing or a good thing.   

I love the friends I've met because of type 1, but if I had to choose between them or my daughter (& I) not having type 1, I would have to choose my daughter.

Good for him in looking at the positives in that way, though.

     I would love to have not been diabetic given the choice.  I just try yo make the best of my given situation.  It must be twice as hard having to treat a child with diabetes;  I'm not sure if I could handle that.  I give all of you who do this so much credit.  I know my parents went through so much with me when I was growing up.

I think he's talking less about having the choice and more about being OKAY with the fact you have diabetes and the great things it has made you do. Like take care of yourself and your family.

Given the choice, I think most of us would rather not have diabetes..but we have it, and rather than always being negative about it, people need to start being positive like this guy has. For him, he's turn the negative into being a positive blessing for his health and the health of his family.

Batts, I think ya hit the nail on the head!

Blessing seems like a little to joyful so to speak. I mean when one thnks about a cure it does make me smile and know that there is a possibility out there maybe in most of our lifetimes for a cure. But I have to agree with some of what is said in the article. i have leaarned so much more about my body and have been working on ways to develop it and to continue to live a healthier and better lifestyle. Had I never been diagnosed, I sometimes shudder to think of where I would be in my life right now. WOuld I be the same person I am right now?? For some reason I doubt it. Being a diabetic can make you smarter, healthier, and more prudent in so many ways, I am happy with where I am in life and for that I am blessed, but would I say a complete blessing... I am not so certain.

Batts I think I agree with you as well. Having diabetes is definitely not a blessing, that is for sure but, because we have it I think we have different outlooks than other people without chronic illness. Your life just unfolds in a totally different way than it would if you lived without diabetes. If he sees the good in having the disease thats great! We all should. Well maybe just me because I can get real cranky about having diabetes sometimes. hee hee.