Clinic? Mayo, Cleveland, John Hopkins, Joslin

My son was diagnosed in Jan '19, I am looking to visit and align with a facility that can give overall care of diabetes. I went to Mayo for myself and was amazed at their approach and am looking for the same approach care for diabetes. Any suggestions on where to go for a comprehensive evaluation and ongoing care clinic that will coordinate with my local endo?

@Csparks Welcome Cynthia to the TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you will find members here with whom you can exchange information, tips and suggestions for those [individuals & family] living with diabetes.

I only have had [diabetes management] experience with one of the four organizations so my enthusiastic enforcement of Joslin may be biased. During 34 years [1966 to 2000] I placed my total health maintenance advisory in the hands of some outstanding physicians, staff and educators at Joslin clinic and now have really “good health” for a guy in his 79th year. My only regret is that I had not started at Joslin ten years earlier and I may have avoided some serious stuff that came from “non-care” in early years.

Joslin has been the cutting-edge of diabetes management since the late 1800’s [25 years before insulin came into use] and research. I have participated in several experiments at Joslin which have now developed into the common therapies your son is now enjoying. The most awesome “experiment” was in 1966 when I volunteered to treatment by a modified weapon grade LASER to arrest my impending blindness; still see well enough to do just about everything including driving.

Thank you Dennis. That was extremely helpful. It looks as if my insurance doesn’t cover Joslin, but I will definitely work with my case manager to see what the process is to get it covered. Insurance has been a complete battle from day 1. I am truly astounded by their lack of coverage for basic life required insulin, CGM and pump restrictions. I have heard wonderful things about Joslin. I am curious what the initial visit encompasses. His only comprehensive blood work was done at diagnosis in the hospital. Thanks again for your response.


I have been lucky enough to have lived in 8 states and 3 countries while living and thriving with T1. When I lived in CT I used Joslin…I whole totally agree and second Dennis’ endorsement. Wonderful folks on the cutting edge.

If you do not live near a specialty center, or do not have access, I have found University research/teaching hospitals to be the best. The endo’s see it all and typically are on the top of their game.

I am assuming you are up in New England. I also had a solid experience with Yale’s diabetes group in New Haven. They work closely with Joslin…every kid walking in the door gets a pump (just a heads up if that would bother you or your family).

Best of luck! It’s always great to see parents pushing the best care for their T1 kiddos!

And, yes…insurance sucks.

Thanks so much. I actually live in Jackson, MS, but am willing to travel wherever to receive the care best for my son. T1D is overwhelming and taking it day by day. There is so much helpful information available which is wonderful. Just trying to navigate through it all. Thanks for your response.

I know Jackson well. I was diagnosed at 6 in Mobile and raised in Montgomery.

All of my juvenile care was through UAB medical center in B’ham in coordination with Children’s Hospital. I had no complaints. Also check out Camp Seale Harris. I spent 12 summers in a row hanging out with fellow diabetics, realizing this disease does not define me.

I have spent some time within the Emory network. Even though I did grad school work there, I found the endo program better at UAB.

Just as a side note for trivia…the insulin pump that became the Minimed 501 was contrived between Dean Kamen (yeah…that Dean Kamen) and Dr Harris (my grandfather’s cardiologist) during an endocrinology conference held at UAB. Dr Harris wanted to find a way to decrease heart disease progression in diabetics. I had the privilege to take part in initial pediatric studies of the pre-production pump at Camp Seale Harris.

Take a look at UAB and Children’s Hospital’s programs. You may be presently surprised.

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Cleveland Clinic is outstanding