Clinical Trial DEFEND2, here I go!

Hi there, I'm looking for your feedback.

I would like to discuss the choice I've made to be part of a clinical trial: DEFEND 2.

Details at

I just passed the screening tests this week, so I get the drug treatment within 2 weeks, out West in Vancouver, Canada. The hope is that the antibody treatment will help me save the remaining insulin activity that my pancreas produces and eventually could be used to treat people on the day they find out about their disease.

Has anyone one out there got some feedback?  +/- are welcome!

Are you going through DEFEND1 or DEFEND2 and can offer me some words of wisdom?

Anyone else feeling drained after giving 7 seperate draws of blood within 2 hours?

Words of encouragement, also welcome...

I think that's a great idea to participate in a trial. If I were newly diagnosed, I would look into it -- there are so many for the newly dx'ed...



good luck.  there isn't much informaiton released regarding the monoclonal antibodies therapy, but mAb is fascinating.  it'll be nice if it works the way it was intended.   don't feel bad for us, if the autoimmune error can be fixed it would mean relief for many of us, even if it's been decades since diagnosis, since the current thinking is that the beta cells regenerate on their own.  There is also applications for many other autoimmune problems (MS, RA, etc)

imo, on the negative side, you will be the subject matter for the long term safety studies.  I got my lucky rabbit foot and my fingers crossed for ya if it's any help at all =).  otherwise, the only other thing that would aggravate and frustrate me is if I was or it was possible to be in the control group.  Do you know if this is a double-blind study? 


Hi Michael -

Just wanted to say good luck in the trials! Keep us posted with how thing progress - I'm very interested :D