Clinical trials

So , I've gotten contacted about doing clinical trials for type one, has anyone ever done it before? if so do you suggest doing it? What exactly do they do with one?


I have looked at a few - there are a lot of trials every year and while I didn't see any that I thought fit my idea of what was worth the risks you may see this very differently.  The staff doing the trial will be able to give you all the information about what they are testing, what they will need the participants (you) to do and how they will be evaluating and monitoring the program.  Ask a LOT of questions and if it seems exciting or interesting to you - I'd say go for it.  Ironically for me, I put in for a trial for another illness and it looks like I'll be excluded BECAUSE of my T1D, lol - c'est la vie...  Whatever you discover and decide, please do keep us posted, it is always great to get insight into current research!