I have had PCOS for 13 years and have been taking metformin for over a year. My fertility doctor is going to start me on clomid in about a month. Has any one had luck getting pregnant with these combos of drugs? I tried to get pregnant for a few months last year (right after getting off birth control) with just the metformin so maybe this time it will work better. My periods have been normal for the first time I guess that is a good sign? I just hope I can get pregnant, and then I have to worry about the diabetes part! One problem at a time! Has anyone found themselves in a similar situation?

I haven't ,but I can speak to your last concern: I just spoke with my PA (I'm not trying to get preggs, but will in the future, so I'm workin on the levels) and she said that once you're pregnant, your levels will even out, so just try to get in as good control as you can, and your body will take care of the rest.  One thing I do know is that if you took the pill, it can take up to a year even for non-diabetics, to get pregnant, because of all the hormones that have to get worked out of your system.  So don't worry about that too much.

Best of luck!!

I had a hard time getting pregnant with my first one. Then when I did get pregnant I miscarried several times. Took about 3 years but we ended up with a beautiful litte girl. When we decided to try for baby #2 I went to the OB and made sure all was well with the big D and we talked about the issues I had the first time around. He told me to give it a few months and then he would put me on Clomid. Well low and behold I didn't need it that time. i too have PCOS. They think that was a major cause of my miscarriages. Prior to that time i had never had a regular period either, but for some reason when we decided to try for the second baby I started having them regularly. Back to not so regular, but I am fine with that since we decided we are done. Good luck and keep us posted!

Hi Kelly. When I was pregnant, I was on from time to time. There were women with T1 and T2 on there who said they took clomid w/o problems. Good luck!!