I've heard of diabetics injecting through clothing. I was wondering if that was normal and if it caused infection. Does anyone know?

I used to inject through my jeans all the time when I still did injections.  The school nurse never liked it too much though. ;)

I did when I used injections, but only if it wasn't convenient to do it directly on the skin.  I never had any problems, though I had a theory that I should never reuse a needle that had gone through clothes (otherwise, I resued once).

i do my shots through my pants all the time. at work, i dont go to the washroom for my shots, so i either do it through my jeans or roll up my sleeve for an arm shot. i dont reuse those needles unless i have to though.

I only have through pantyhose, but I've heard of others doing that too. I worry blood will come out and get on my clothes...

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I only have through pantyhose, but I've heard of others doing that too. I worry blood will come out and get on my clothes...


it does, but in my'll get on your clothes anyways haha. with jeans and dark work pants, its not a big deal if a bit of blood gets through, it's never noticeable :)

i inject through clothes and reuse the needles multiple times, until they are so dull they're super painful. I am also astonishingly lazy. 

LOL ajax...

I've never injected through my clothes and I've never reused my needles.
My doctors have always been strict on me when it came to things like this.
Doctors always told me that when you give shots through your clothes, its not like you can wipe your clothes off with an alcohol swab and get all the germs off your shirt like you could with your arm. So they always told me that it was a bad idea to stick it through my clothes, because there was a lot more germs there, then their would be on your bare skin. And when there is germs on your shirt, and you stick a needle through those germs they are injected into your body along with the daily insulin that you just took.

Reusing needles till they are dull?? Ouch! And I've never had the nerve to go through my clothes, I would rather whip up my shirt in public:-/ Those needles aren't just duller and more painful, they're also more likely to leave marks (i know i know, why bother trying to prevent it, but still) or even worse infection.

BUT when i was giving myself shots I normally didn't use an alcohol swab. It's just a pain when you're already trying to do it under the table at some swanky restaurant! ;)

I don't use swabs when i test my bloodsugar either. If i have reason to believe my hands are dirty or "sugary" i will wash them, but then I have to wait for them to dry. 

I use swabs before I put in a pump site (i can't imagine getting a big ole infection), and no I've never put in a pump site over my clothes!