Cnt tihnk of a team name or tshirt design!

ok so the walk im doing is coming soon like october and this is my first year designing a tshirt 4 the walk my name is gillian but pronounced jillian and i cnt think of anything! i have 2 ideas 1 is team gill on the front and on the back it says just walk it out with a jdrf shoe the other idea is rllllllllllllllllllly wierd but gills loompas like oompa loompas then a orange t shirt and silk screened suspenders like the oompa loopmpas but otherwise i have no clue hellppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!


It sounds to me like you have some fun ideas - don't rule them out - start where you are and take action.  If you think of a better idea - write it down - use it next year! :)

I remember that there were some neat ideas thrown about some time back in these two threads:

Those were the ones I can recall - I'm sure there are more and I bet the more creative types here can offer some other advice.  Most importantly, I can promise you that doing your tenth favorite idea will be vastly better than not doing the best idea ever because you ran out of time ;)

Good luck, have fun and don't forget to tell us what you settle on and post a pic or two of the shirt(s)!