How do all of you count carbs for coffee. I put a lot of sugar in my coffee but I have found that I go low if I cover for it.  The sugar acts more quickly than the insulin does.  Any suggestions?

If I only put one sugar packet it, it doesn't seem to affect me. If I want more sugar, I just use the fake stuff b/c one packet is sooo much sweeter.

There was a thread recently where some people said coffee makes them high though...

I only count for the milk I put in the coffee, I just use splenda instead of actual sugar.

well i put splenda in coffee i think it tastes exactly the same. but i do put alot of milk and stuff in it. i count about 1/2 of what it is in a regular serving so say milk is 12 so i would put in 6 and so on

I only use Splenda in my coffee, sometimes I drink it black.  If you are going low when you try to cover for the sugar maybe just skip that step and see where you stand a couple hours after your last cup.  If you are in your ideal range, you should be kosher with that setup.

I am completely opposite, I go high after. I have to bolus a unit.

I always thought coffee was a free food.  I put equal or splenda or sweet and low or whatever and don't worry about it.  Has never been a problem.

I'm a big coffee drinker, and I also don't ever have a problem with it... I consider it free because I use Splenda, and put fat free milk in it, or sugar free creamer-- yum !

I've had trouble finding a good SF creamer...any suggestions?

I've read a couple different studies that say caffeine can make insulin work more efficiently and I've certainly noticed that to be the case for me.  For example: if I drink a latte, I usually get it with sugar-free syrup and I don't have to bolus for the milk.  If I were to drink that same amount of just milk, I'd have to bolus a unit. 

For regular brewed coffee at home, I usually only mix in a SF creamer - I really like Coffeemate sugar-free vanilla (SO YUMMY) and I have to drink it with food.  If I drink it on it's own, I'll go low.

Seems like it affects everyone a little differently, especially depending on what you mix in, so you just have to do a little trial and error before you figure it out for yourself.  I would second the idea that you try not bolusing for the sugar you mix in and see what it does to your blood sugar.