Okay so what is the consensus about drinking coffee in the morning while you are prego?  I know that it is better to cut yourself off from anything and I will but I wanted to hear some real life confessions of women who have drank a cup of coffee in the morning while pregnant?  Did they wait past the first trimester or what?  Just curious...I obviously want the healthiest baby I can have and since I am a coffee drinker I got scared.

With my first pregnancy, I cut all caffeine... and was MISERABLE!!

With my second pregnancy, I allowed myself one cup in the morning and felt guilty about it.

My third pregnancy, mama just needed her coffee... and I didn't feel guilty for a second. I had a 3 year old and a 9 month old, so it was a matter of mental health! And I BF all of my kids, and drink coffee, and did not have any issues with gas pain, or irritability, spit-ups etc.

And also, I see no difference between my kids regardless who who got more coffee in utero! ENJOY your pregnancy... there are enough reasons to stress out and feel guilty just being diabetic, don't make things harder than they have to be!

Thank you Katie- you having three gives me great hope :)

please remember that in the 60's women drank alchohol, smoked, ate whatever and most of those kids are fine.  people just want to judge.  if you are relaxed during your pregnancy the baby will be fine. 


That is sooooo true.  I am trying to be relaxed :) Thank you for your words