Cold affecting glucose meters

so i use the one touch ultra mini mostly and the presicion test extra sometimes

i play hockey and brought my meters into the rink and left them on the bench in my backpack. then after the first or second day of doing this they all started giving different results. i have to use two or three meters when i test b/c i don't know which one is accurate. my mom decided to have me use the one touch ultra 2 that i got at diabetes camp last week b/c it's brand new. i put this in a lunchbox in my backpack at camp and i think its fine. has anyone ever had the cold affect their meters?

the results have had a HUGE range. like one meter said 249 while one said 135 and one said 180


look at the storage conditions in your manual to see if this might be an issue. When I test with different meters back to back I get wildly different results too.  Home glucometer tests have to be within + or - 15 or 20 % of laboratory results, so there is a lot of wiggle room that still lets them be "correct".

This is probably a bit of a stretch, but the cold could be affecting the test strips themselves, as well. I know that mine, at least, aren't supposed to be stored in a temperature less than __ or higher than __ degrees, so. The cold could be messing with them (?)