Cold and Flu Season is here

Cold and Flu Season is on its way... I started to feel the sympton of a cold. What do you take? I don't like the diabetic meds out there. Anyone feels the same?

am I just being anti-diabetic meds? I feel like other meds are much better, but they drive my sugars high, so I just bolus when I take them. Any suggestions to meds?  What to take and not.  All meds have the warning about diabetes, etc.  I don't pay attention. 

what excatly are these "diabetic meds" you are talking about??


when i have a cold, if its really bad..i go to the store and get chinese herbal cough medicine. super sugary, but it works awesome.

if i feel a cold coming on, i go to the vitamin shop and buy a bottle of "cold-defence" which is coldFX but without the chemicals. it's 100% natural and works just as well. I also start taking my immuno-first herbal pills which are a natural immune booster.

Don't all meds have the diabetes warning?  Like even tylenol?  I don't know.  I never really take anything because it will pass in a few days.  If it is a really bad cold I will take something, just the regular cold and flu stuff but I've never had a problem with high blood sugars from it.  I wasn't even aware they made meds specifically for diabetics. 

I've had a sore throat for a couple of days here in London...can't wait to be quarantined at Customs when returning to the US haha

Diabetic meds are:  Diabetic Tussin, Sugar Free Robitussin.  I've taken them, but they don't work for me.  So I end up buying regular medicines: like Nyquil and Dayquil

psh. diabetic meds and other diabetic sugar free stuff. just take a few extra units of insulin and take the regular stuff. not gonna kill ya! lol

I usually just load up on Vitamin C, Echinacea, and Goldenseal. Airborne works too.

Over the years I heard a few doctors tell me the warning is sometimes due to sugar additives (gasp, sugar raises blood sugar levels!), so not to worry.  I usually make sure to take my vitamins, drink juice, and lots of liquids.  Do a lot of diabetics take echinacea (how has it worked for you?), I heard it can be risky for people with autoimmune issues?

I have never taken echinacea. But I have taken "Airborne" for the last three years and it helped.  I Did not this year and now am suffering the consequences. 

I haven't heard about echinacea being risky. That's just what my mom always had me take when I was younger and sick, so I just continue to do it now. What have you heard about it?

Just that it boosts the immune system, so anyone with autoimmune may risk further autoimmune damage from the boost (this is all from magazines, not from terribly credible sources...don't know how echinacea is any different from other immune boosters though).

Hm...interesting. Well, it hasn't hurt me yet.

I tend to use the tylenol cold and flu stuff when I get sick. I never even think about the diabetic meds. I think partly that I have been brainwashed into looking at name brand medications that I think lesser of these things. Plus, I want to use something tried and trusted by myself. I have never used the other things out there so I would never want to just jump into it and not have them work as well. It's not like I can test them out when I am not sick. 

i refuse to take a flu shot so normally i try to stay germ free and load up on vitamins to keep me healthyy