Cold Fingers

Hey guys,

I have poor circulation to my fingers and have trouble getting blood out sometimes when I'm checking my blood sugar.  The main advice I've been given is to run them under hot water and relax, and that's worked ok.  But I was wondering, does anyone else have this problem?  And does anyone here take there blood sugar from other spots (ie: the forearm)?


In the hospital they use these little hot pack things on my daughters fingers and hands to get the blood flowing in them. Often when I check her at night I have to milk her fingers to get the blood out.

My fingers, and the rest of my body are much colder when my BG is low. The lower the BG, the colder I am. I can put on a sweater on a hot day sometimes when I drop very low. Then when I run high I get very warm and i want a cold drink and i take off some clothes.

I don't have circulation problems, but the blood is harder to squeeze out of my fingers when my BG is low and I am cold. Are you sure it is due to poor circulation when you are having this problem? Maybe your BG is low. If you always have cold fingers and always have trouble drawing blood, then that is different, but I thought it might be low BG.

I have tried my forearms for testing and there was too much discrepancy when compared to my fingers. I do use my fingers between the first and second joints, as well as the finger tips. That works out well for me. I have to adjust the depth when testing between the joints.


I'm assuming "BG" means "blood glucose levels", (I'm kind of new to diabetes).  My sugar has been on the low side of normal lately, but yes, even before that I've had trouble due to bad circulation.  I have it from my dad, who doesn't have diabetes.

When you test between the joints, do you increase or decrease the puncture setting?

I have to go deeper when testing between joints so I set mine on 4. You might need a lower number than that.