Cold / flu supplements

I was fighting a cold a couple of months ago, so I took Emergen-C a few times a day. My BG's got high (200's). They went down when I stopped the emergen-c, but they could also have been high b/c of fighting a cold. Has anyone else had problems with supplements like this, airborne, etc? I feel my throat getting scratchy again, but am worried about taking anything. Thanks guys!

I usually take half a package if possible. I love NeoCritin for colds but of course it reeks havoc on the levels if you use a full package. I usually use half the package but the same amount of water as if I were using the whole thing.

Maybe you can try that with Emergen-C? Might still make you go high, but maybe not as much.

I've always been told not to worry too much about highs or sugar content when I'm sick when it comes to medicines.

Welcome back Batts, and thanks for the advice!

not really back, just poking my head in :)

and no probs!

i was also told not to worry about the highs when i'm sick. many things are available in sugar-free, you can see if they offer that. i don't typically take anything when i'm sick because i think they make me feel funny and not necessarily better (like my head is detached from my body or all spinny like i've had a couple drinks). i avoid it unless i'm really, really sick. then i'll usually pop a couple advil or tylenol and pass out for a couple days.


now that i'm reading this, i'm sure this response helps nothing. oh well :o)