Cold virus from hell

is anyone else suffering from the evil cold virus that is going around?

almost everyone in my office(10 of us total) has it right now or kid(s)/spouse has it. we're all been sick for weeks.

i got my first actual symptom on Feb 5th..and i remember the excat date, because i was on the photo team for the film festival and had to take pictures that night despite having a fever and feeling really dizzy and exhausted.

so..i'm on day 26. i thought i was getting better cuz i only had a horrible cough the last week and a half but last night around 6pm, i felt the relapse coming on. now i need plugs for my nose to stop the snot from coming out, i'm still coughing, and it feels like someone is squeezing my head in one of those workshop braces for holding wood and metal while working on them.

i feel like death and have been to the doctor three times in the last two weeks(first my family doc, then a clinic doc cuz it was like 8pm, and then another clinic doc cuz it was a sunday) and i'm not at the infection stage(seems everyone is getting a throat infection but me by this point!) so i can't take any meds for it!

i don't take cold medication cuz of all the chemicals in them, i've been trying to beat it with Vit C pills, taking time off from working out, resting as much as possible and trying to get good nights sleep..and some "herbal" chinese cough syrup my mom gets from the health store and has been giving me since i was a little normally works really well..and it did for the first few days of the cough...


the weirdest part is that my bloodsugars aren't as outta wack as they normally are when i'm sick(which is usually only for a day and a bit before i'm feeling better).

You too, eh?

This crazy bug (note, this may or may not be the SAME crazy bug) has been going around my office and my partner's office and my other partner's office over the past while. I've had some element of it for at least 2 months now, and it's just now starting to go away after an actual dose of antibiotics. Granted, I haven't exactly been treating it as much as I should have been, but I've been consistently under the weather for much longer than I usually am (strong immune system).

I've noticed that my blood sugars aren't as messed up as they are usually either.

yeah i'm on...1 month 2 weeks now and while my cough is mostly gone(except for when i go on the trendmill or work out intensely) i am still beyond exhausted and look it. it went around our office, and a lot of my friends have it. the flu bug as well. the restrurant a few of my friends work at almost shut down for a few days because within a week, the whole staff was at home dealing with it at different times.

it's nuts!