so I have a cold, It's not insane just some headaches, clogged nose, and feeling hot. Well it seems to be making me drop low a lot more. Does this happen to anyone else? I thought it was suppose to get higher when your sick?

I think it just affects diabetics differently, that's why we're supposed to check more often when sick.  I know that when I have the flu, my sugars get higher, when I have a cold or have a fever my sugars get lower...but that may just be because when I have a cold or have fever I tend to not want to eat and my body temp is constantly changing which probably makes my metabolism work in overdrive.  But, if you want to help fight that cold...I know a great chicken noodle soup recipe that helps:

Mix some low sodium chicken broth with cayenne pepper & ginger powder, bring to a boil (you can do this to taste, but there should be just a hint of a kick of spicy)

Add some minced garlic & chives & noodles (you can even use macaroni noodles)

bake chicken breast while boiling the broth 

Chop carrots, celery, & onions then add to the boiling broth

Once chicken is baked, shred or chop up and add to broth

Soup is done when noodles are cooked & carrots are soft

Enjoy with a piece of toast or some saltine crackers!  It's a very heart warming recipe, but the spices & garlic help fight off some of that bacteria causing the cold.


Hope you feel better soon!  I always dread those darn colds and it's about that time of year now.  :o(

thanks I'll definately try the soup =]