Colds are frusterating!

I have a cold and my blood sugars are all over the place! Its so frusterating because im doing what i can to keep them down, but they spike up for no apparent reason. I just got a 13 ( 234) when it was only 8.6 (133) like an hour ago, all i ate was half a granola bar.

i think i just needed to vent this out. Im sure im not the only one who feels this way. grrrrrr

When I have a bad cold or other sickness and my blood sugars are high I just adjust my basal up by 20% on my pump. That usually helps a lot. I also do this for the week before my period when the progesterone in my birth control pills is at it's highest level and thus causes insulin resistance.

mine always runs high before my "special week" too. im seeing my endo tomorow to change my treatment a bit so hopefully after that i can keep it undercontrol. thanks for the tip! :)