College Diabetes Network

So I don’t know about any of you, but for me there were no support networks or anything when I got to college. And from what I have seen on Juvenation there are many other people who found the same thing. So I decided to just start my own at my school- which has been more difficult than I had originally thought it would be. Basically all I want is to create some way for us all to connect, I have loved Juvenation, but I would love to meet people and make connections in person. So, I created an organization called College Diabetes Network, which helps students to create a “support group” at their school. They contact me at CDN, I set up a website with all of the info about their schools group as well as their contact information, and help them to establish the group. Their info can then be accessed by prospective students as well as their members. My hope is that eventually most schools will have some sort of support network set up and that anyone interested in joining a group can easily access all of the information they need.

The website is I would love to hear everyones comments on it, as I am still making changes and additions to it. Also anyone interested in starting a group at their school or registering a current group please email me (my email is on the website).

I also added CDN to Facebook! so go on and join or friend me Tina Roth!