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I was wondering if anyone has some advice or experience with T1 and college accommodations. I started college this fall and I registered for accommodations with my schools Disability Services. Recently the other day I had a blood sugar of 400 during an exam to which I left early but I was told by my professor that I would not be able to resume the exam at another time or be able to retest. Should I be able to receive accommodations that let me take an exam only when my sugars are in range? Is this something I could request myself or need a doctors note for?

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Was your professor aware of the accommodations beforehand? When I was in college we didn’t have accommodations so I don’t know how this is supposed to work: but it may be the student (not Disability Services) is supposed to advise professors in advance so they will know if anything does arise. If the professor didn’t know, disability services may be able to advocate for you after the fact.
Just a thought from someone who hasn’t been there. Hopefully you will hear from people who can share first hand knowledge.

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@valentina , First, welcome to T1N. My first question is to the nature of your management system and the alarm structure you have in place. Effective alarm laddering should have notified you twice before crossing the 300 line, let alone reaching 400mg/dL.

I am a retired college professor. When a student needing accommodations registered with the school’s disability office (DSS), the faculty were sent a letter identifying the student and the accommodation their disability merited. The student were informed to register with DSS 30 days prior to the start of the semester and identify the accommodations anticipated throughout the semester. Failure on the part of the student to register and request accommodation meant the student was in the boat with their classmates and nothing was done.

If the student registered late or did not specify a particular accommodation, corrections would be sent to the faculty, effective 30 days after the notification of DSS.

In reading you post, [1] did you request additional time for exams, [2] did you request time for D management, [3] did you report D volatility to your DSS office, [4] was the faculty apprised of your accommodation needs, [5] what was the nature of the exam, in other words, was the timing and constraints of the exam an occupational expectation, objective, or employment simulation?

Depending on the circumstances in your school, you should file a grievance with school’s DSS office because, [1] if you requested time for D management and recovery, the 400mg/dL would have muddled you thinking at best - should you have even started the exam? [2] did DSS notify your faculty member of your need for and nature of your accommodations?, [3] some occupational courses include in the syllabus disclaimers to 504 style accommodations, for example, martial arts classes in a law enforcement program because the LEO is expected to be able to perform the hand-to-hand combat skills at all times on the job. Failure to perform places the LEO and their peers at unacceptable risk.

The reason this message has the content it does is because for several years, I was a faculty member on the DSS appeals committee of the institution where I taught. The USA Law, the Rehab Act of 1973, as amended, is tough, including the institution, DSS, faculty, and student. Each must follow the law.

I would be honored to continue this conversation and provide suggestions privately. See message.

@987jaj - you used the term “LEO”. I’m not familiar with it - what does it stand for? Thank you for helping me learn.

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law enforcement officer.

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@987jaj - you used the term “LEO”. I’m not familiar with it - what does it stand for? Thank you for helping me learn.

Of course - thank you! And thank you for sharing about your prior career - a perfect match for the question!

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Hi to all!
First thank your for sharing this information with us. Im a mom of a child with t1. Well she is my baby but now in college. She always had a 504 plan in her school. Now that she is in college I haven’t hear about anything to accommodations her with dealing with t1. She is very sensitive and goes high and low. How do we go about getting her some kind of 504 plan. I would really like to get more information. Thank you again!
Take care

@valentina, did you situation improve with the information here? The offer to private message still is available to you. I would be honored.

@M.Sanchez , private message me if you wish. We can discuss & share ideas.

Hi happy Saturday! Thanks for your information. We talked to the school. She might be able to get her dorm with a kitchen which will help very much. We got a 504 plan from the doctors to send to rhe university. Now will see how that plays out on sending it to all the teachers.
One thin her rent will be going up because she will have her dorm with a kitchen. We were having a hard tome paying already. Is there programs that cam help us with all this. Thank you again

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