College Life with T1 Diabetes

Hey Yall.. I am in need of some advice.. I graduated high school a semester early (Dec. 09) and have started my new life in the itty bitty town of Statesboro, Ga, the home of the Georgia Southern eagles. Well with my great big life change came some serious blood sugar changes.  With the stress of school and any typical college party i find it at time so hard to manage even with numberous shots and finger pricks!

any advice would be awesome!! Thank you!


I went through the same thing.. going from having few responsibilities in high school to a TON in college, I found my blood sugar was dropping quite often. I'd suggest talking with your doctor who might be able to adjust your insulin levels based on your schedule and activity level. I was on the pump when I started college which I found to be extremely helpful- managing my blood sugar seemed more predictable than when using shots. Have you considered an insulin pump? College can be a challenge.. even once you get comfortable in a routine, it seems to change once the semester (and class schedule) changes! Good luck!

Thank you so much for the advice!  I was on the deltec  cozmo pump for four years but in high school i was extremely lazy on it and found i had scar tissue in multiple places. I just find being a freshman wiht meal plans and the stress of school and all that hard and i take multiple shots a day :/ which im okay with just gets annoying at times.

 but thanks again!!!!

At college you have to make time for being able to manage your glucose etc. I was dx'd freshman year so there was a big change from the 'all you can eat' freshman meal plan to the 'salad and chicken' diet, but it works. It just takes self control and responsibility...some kids even develop into responsible adults in college! So hey you've got that going for you!

To echo what Lindsay said, you may want to talk to your doctor if you're having trouble managing your numbers with what you're doing now. If you're still on a pump, maybe try adjusting your basal rate according to whenever you are going high or going low.

As far as parties go, just bring your glucometer in your purse, or if you don't bring your purse with you, make sure you test an hour or two prior to going and then again before you go to be able to see if your glucose is dropping or staying steady...careful what you drink too, some drinks will lower glucose while others raise it. Diabetes makes drinking an adventure! But really, be safe and put your health first :)

Good luck

Thanks pat! If i do drink i check every hour and i stick to drink i know would be okay for me to drink and not raise my sugar too much i always keep glucose tablets with me also! But thanks again i will most certainly talk to my doctor. I was just uncomfortable the last time i went to him becuase he was a new doctor but i will be sure to ask him in march when i go back!


I was diagnosed a year or so before college.  But it was so different back then I don't have much advice.  Back then I took one shot of NPH at night and another in the morning.  No blood tester,etc.

But as far as the drinking goes, be very careful after you've stopped.  You're blood sugar can drop to very harmful low levels.  Seems when your liver is busy processing the poison (alcohol) it does nothing else.  Meaning it won't secrete glucose to raise your blood sugar if it should.   When i was a drinker I found that for up to 48 hours after drinking I could experience bad lows.  The kind of lows where you don't know who you are or where you are.  So, definitely eat before going to bed and be careful the next day or so.