College Life


I know if your in college you have been around drinking in someway. I was just wondering if anyone else was affected by drinking as much as I was. I tended to go high for a while but by the morning I had really low blood sugars around 7 or 8. 

Hey, I dont really drink now, but in the past i did have a few drinks every now and then.  I would be the same as you, where I would go really high the night that I was drinking, but be really low in the morning.  Lower than you even, around 4...I would normally only take half of my nighttime dosage to make sure i didn't go too low overnight while i was sleeping. Drinking is really tricky and can be scary, which is why I stopped..i was never a big drinker to begin with so i figured i might as well not mess with my diabetes! The more sugary your drinks, (like coolers) the higher your blood sugar will go, but as far as the lows in the morning, you should ask your diabetes team what they think, they might be able to give you some tips.  They told me  if i was going to drink to make sure i always was snacking throughout the night, so that i didn't go low overnight.  Anyway, you are not alone, i think most of us are affected a lot by drinking! Be safe about it, and hope this helped a bit :)

I've noticed that if I drink things that are low in carbs my bloodsugars don't spike before bed. I still snack before I go to bed to try to prevent the lows in the morning. I usually stick to liquor mixed with crystal light or diet coke or even the diet juices. good luck!

I have that problem-the thing is I've heard alcohol affects you by making your bloodsugar spike and then go super low so you always have to be careful...I know its bad but a lot of times I ride the highs out like as if i had already corrected them and the highest i've been the next day is maybe 200 but that's with eating late at night too--I don't know just be careful but I definitely experience that

I used to have the same problem.  Id check right before bed and give myself a full correction and would end up waking up around 8am with a low.  I was never really a drinker in high school, but in college I started and figured some things out.  Now i just give myself a half of a correction before bed, and eat something as well. And make sure i drink a bottle of water before bed, that helps in the morning.

in one of the other threads on here my tip was "bud light" and im completely serious. i'm sure it works with any light beer though. it seems like the carbs and alcohol counteract each other well with light beer. whereas with liquor ive experience extreme lows, and with heavy beer ive experienced more highs than not. maybe its just me, but figured id share.