College life

I was just wondering how people manage their diabetes in college. I am currently a high school senior and I am getting a little nervous about this health condition.

Just remember to always check you bg. It can be easy to forget because it's fun to go out and do stuff and go to different places to eat and things (if you're going to college out of town) but just remember to check!! I use the, "slip to the restroom" technique to check my bg and take insulin. This method has worked well for me. lol. Hope this helped a little :)

What are you nervous about, specifically?  If you take reasonably good care of yourself, you should be fine.  Just let your roommate and Resident Assistant (RA) know you're diabetic and keep snacks around for lows.  Do you use a pump?  

Should have taken my own advice, but I was young and dumb in college.  I was still rebelling against my diabetes and it caused problems.  Did okay in class, had a lot of fun, worked as an RA, did extra curricular stuff, but it would have been a lot better if I'd taken decent care of my D.  The summer after my junior year I was working 2 full-time jobs (one as a bartender, so I was drinking a lot too) and had to be hospitalized twice in a week... once for a crazy high blood sugar and once for a crazy low.  But it's not because diabetes was hard to manage, it was because I was being reckless and would forget to shoot up all day, then take 30u of insulin to make up for it.  Or I'd go on a big bike ride (went to school in Durango, CO) and not test before heading out.  

As long as you're not dopey about your diabetes, you'll be totally fine.  I was dopey about my diabetes and still made it through.

I'm a high school junior, but I go to a residential school that is basically college with more restrictions. This is my first year out of the house and I was a stellar diabetic before. Like I had an A1C of like...7ish before I came here. My last A1C was 10...My advice would be don't get delivery a lot, that's the killer for me. Pizza takes FOREVER to get out of your system and Chinese isn't much better. Also, do yourself a favor and test way more than I do.

Managing your diabetes in college is no different then managing it in high school and middle school. The only change is that there is no nurse at college. Just remember to keep on track of your diabetes. If you are going to be having a roommate or roommates make sure to inform them about your diabetes and also teach them some things about it. Dont let diabetes hold you back from enjoying the college life and experience!