College questions!

hey is anyone going to the University of Alabama for the fall of 2010?? I really wish I knew someone my age that was a type 1. I know 2 other type 1s..One is 52 and is recovering from surgeries to repair his eyesight bc of diabetes and is legs just start to bleed for no reason, he says its diabetes related..the other guy drinks booze like a fish, doesnt test his blood more than like 1 time every couple days and also loves hard drugs and has horrible sores all over his head from constant scratching due to the drug use. I see both of these guys deteroiting right before me and it makes me sad seeing this happen when it is avoidable! I just want to know normal diabetics like me who like to have fun with a couple drinks but that are not careless with their diabetes control. BUT for the college aged people reading this does any1 else like smoking weed instead of drinking? Seems to me that drinking(which I have done a lot) messes to much with my diabetes and I always feel like shit the next day. I think weed is the way to go if you are stressed out and need to relax in college, drinking just complicates things. Sorry about the rant its just I work with the 2 I mentioned earlier and people always ask me is that going to happen to you and why is he like this/that? And I always gotta say well ya Id be like that too if I drank a bottle of vodka in a day with some cocaine and never tested my blood and ate anything I wanted with occasional diabetes care. Ya Id be blind with sores if I lived my life like that too!!!

If you are going to be an educator, you probably shouldn't be smoking pot.....or posting about it on a public forum!  Just a little advice from a fellow educator. 

there was just an article in the des moines register today about how iowans have been "let go" from their job because of their postings on public forums (mainly facebook). angela gives great advice about being careful what you say, especially when you're job hunting.

here is the article:

See also:,249782

If you are still interested, there was a post a while back about pot / T1 on here if you do a search.

ya you guys are right its prob not the smartest thing to say but I was just being honest but I dont think y smoking pot here and there makes any difference than a teacher having drinks a couple times a week and being diabetic I have just found its easier on my body but I do understand and have heard about people being fired and/or not hired based on facebook or anyother forum, thanx for the heads up!

the difference is that in the US, pot is illegal while drinking (if you're over 21) isn't. if you get caught with alcohol underage, you get fined. if you get caught with pot at any age, it's usually a fine + jail time.

i appreciate honesty. everyone respects that. when it comes to looking for a job (or planning for the future), your "outside" activities may need to be kept more private :o)

I drink with type 1, and I'm beginning to realize how hard it is to keep control with the creature in my life. I smoked a lot of marijuana before I was diagnosed, but haven't lately. I noticed it actually plateaus my blood sugar for a few hours, but I don't want the "heat score".