College Scholarships For Type 1 Diabetics?

Hey everyone,

I still have a couple years until I go off to college, but I'm beginning to look at scholarships, and I haven't been able to find many good ones for type 1 diabetics.

Are there any other people here who have also been searching for these scholarships? If you are having the same problem, or have any information regarding this, I would really appreciate it if you could respond.



Hi Sarah!

I'm a senior this year and I was having a really, really hard time finding scholarships for diabetics. I have bad news--there aren't many. 

I did find one for $5000, though! You can find the link at!

That's the only one that I can find! I hope that helps!



Thanks for the website. There should be more scholarships out there for T1s! It's ridiculous! I've signed up on many scholarship search websites, and diabetes isn't even on the list of 'medical disablities'!

Trust me I looked forever when I applied to college and couldn't find a thing.  The only one I could find was one that Lilly used to that had conveniently been discontinued when I found it.  What I settled for is finding scholarships for people with disabilities that allowed you to count diabetes as a disability.  There were one or two that did let me use diabetes in that manner...don't remember who gave them out though unfortunately.

If there are others that are available I'd love to know.

Isn't that so cool? I was talking with my doctor the other day and I was told about that. I'm definately looking to get one... once I finish school :) Hey, doctors can hand me a diagnosis and a fistful of needles anytime as long as there's a $5,000 scholarship with them! (OK, not really. But I do think it's pretty sweet)

Are there any updates to this thread that can be made because I don't qualify for the one.