College...What's Your Major?

Do people still say that ? :)  My daughter has started college and her pick at this time is Graphic Design. I do hope that's a good choice. If your in college or have graduated from any school...What field did you pick to go into ? Thank you :)

I have a BA in Elementary Education and a BS in Dietetics.

haha i'm lame. i went to a private community college, spent way too much money and got a diploma in admin assistant. (my friend with no office experience just got a job as a receptionist..but makes 11/hr less than i do, so i guess it was worth taking the courses??) I plan on going back to school..but no idea what i'll go for..used to think photography, but that doesn't make money money these days with so many people running around with cameras.

Well I went to college and majored in accounting.  I got my bachelor's in accounting and then took and passed the CPA exam.  Currently I'm working at a public accounting firm as an auditor.  It's a pretty good job but can be quite stressful.

I got my BA in History. Now I am going for my MSed. 

Ahhh College.  I majored in Organizational Communications and minored in Sociology.  Started working on my MBA, but quickly realized that Corporate America is just not for me.

Now, I'm applying to Boston College's MSW program .  I think that's where i belong.

Got a BS in Biology and a MA in Blind Rehab. with a concentration in Orientation and Mobility.

my mom major was orthodontics my will be the same thing i allways wanting to be a orthodontist.

Elementary Education....with a minor in Psychology......

Nothing lol I was taking business courses so I could run one of my own meet my hubby stopped going and became a mommy. I have no regrets for it either. I dislike school very much. I do not learn that way. I learn by doing.

Masters in Business Administration - was hoping to transition from my full time job to teaching at one of the local colleges or universities, but with the economy tons of instructors have been laid off. I want to be home with Sarah more, and teaching (preferably online) is a great way to be home and still earning a good income. Oh well, maybe someday!

Early Childhood Education, Intervention Specialist and Reading Endorsement (:

Mine was a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. That was before you could choose Computer Science, but I got into computers anyhow, and stayed there until I retired.

Bioengineering. I'm still working on my lower classes, but I should have my B.S. in 2-3 years.

Currently majoring in physics and biology at college.  Working hard to then attend Medical School.

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Currently majoring in physics and biology at college.  Working hard to then attend Medical School.


Good luck, but I hope the cure will be found before you get there!

B.S in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Minor in English. LOVE MY MAJOR!!!!

Right now i am going for a BS in Nursing, to be a RN and/or school nurse.

I got a BBA in Business Compter Information Systems.  It has worked out well for me and my family.

Here's a new one for you, my major is Gerontology. I do want to go back once I'm done my Gero degree for Nutrition.