I am starting college in jaanuary and still hav n't told anyone i have type 1 d    because i dont want to make a big deal about it, can anone give me some hints?

Just tell them.  I mean it isn't a big deal, not like you got the herp.

Well, it's not like you have to tell your whole class.  However, you should at least tell all of your instructors so they know what to expect should anything happen while you're in class.  Also, I'd at least tell your roommate (if you have one), a close friend (someone you hang out with often at college), and maybe a close classmate (one you'll study with or sit next to a lot) from each class.  This is just so that you have your grounds covered.  Other than that, no one else needs to really know if you're that embarrassed about it.  But, definitely tell your instructors.

Btw, make sure you carry a power bar or something like that with you at all times in your back pack or something and try to keep yourself organized with a schedule planner or something.  College can get very hectic and stressful, so you want to keep yourself on top of that stress otherwise it can really mess with your sugar levels.

thanks   i am not embarrisd of having d   just dont want to be treated different

If someone treats you differently because of it, they aren't worth your time.

thanks  i redally appreciate info   had a bad experience when the firsg college accepted me and i explained and they kinda when in to warp drive with it

College was wonderful in some ways...and not so good on the levels. Awful on the levels.

I like the idea of waiting and not telling anyone until you get low, and if anyone tells you not to eat/drink where ever you are, get really indignant and explain that you are T1.

I would be kidding on that last sentence. I hate telling anyone about T1. It's like I put a neon sign out by mentioning it that says "SAY IDIOTIC THINGS, NOW, BEFORE THE MOMENT PASSES...THIS IS YOUR ONE CHANCE TO BE A REAL JERK."


Bleagh...I had to tell.

This isn't always the case, though. I have had some really great experiences lately. It's made me have to admit that there are people in the world who are thoughtful and kind...knock on wood...and that there might be a lot more of them out there than I originally thought. I wish you the best of fortune. May you have positive interactions or no absences or lows. It's possible.

I always tell my professors in case my pump goes off during class or if I have any emergencies they know what's going on and that I'm not trying to fake it to get out of stuff. I only tell my classmates if they ask. And most of the time they will if they see you checking your blood sugars. It's not something to be ashamed about and if it's an opportunity to teach someone about it then it was a good thing that you got to tell them! Embrace your diabetes!!!!!!! :)

Hey there,

I am also pretty new to diabetes and I'm in college.

I would say that I can agree that college wreaks havoc on blood sugars, but I have nothing to base that on in that I no nothing other than being T1 as a college kid. That being said I do have my fair share of roller coaster highs and lows.

As for telling people about diabetes. Im kind of in the same boat as you, I'm transferring to a different college in January so I have to re-introduce myself and my diabetes to people.

I don't shout my diabetes from a mountain top or anything like that, but I do eventually let most people know. I don't think you should feel obligated to announce it right away if you don't want to, I gradually let all my friends know, except for my roommate, he was told right away. Most people are cool with it.

I didn't tell any of my professors, I think i'm going to next semester though, I can now see how it could be beneficial to do so.

Even if you've never had any problems, you might want to get registered with your campus disability office. That way if you have any problems over the semester (needing to makeup tests or whatever), you have an official piece of paper to support you.  Just give a copy of your reasonable accommodation paperwork to the instructor at the start of the semester.

Thanks everyone for the info sorry it took so long to answer computer died.  The college wants me to meet with disability services and that they can help with the professors and stuff relatingto d.   Thought the health center couldnt say anything about medical conditions.  I have kept it to myself till i got this letter with an appt to meet with disiability services.


i guess i will see how it goes with them


Take it from a T1 diabetic graduate student who has instructed classes at the collegiate level.

Every college has an Office of Disabilities Accommodation. Register with them. They will do a lot of the work for you, including notifying the prof's that you have T1 and other things they should know.

I told all my prof's and they were all cool with it and they were like just let me know if you feel like something is going to happen. I was like wow that was easier then i thought.