i am a senior in high school right now and im looking for scholarships pertaining to people with diabetes. i am majoring in nursing. i have found a few scholarships (for diabetics), but i dont play tennis or a musical instrument :(. is there any other ways that i can pay for college (and not be in debt for eternity)??? is there any places (like vocational rehab) that can help you pay for your supplies??? will vocational ehab pay for any of my college finances??? (books, labs, tuition, dorms, etc...)

can anybody answer these questions? i appreciate your help!!!!

There are always ways, but they often depend on specific criteria. It also depends on the state you live in - because there are a lot of state-based financial aid programs. Pell grants are big $, but you often need to be like 24 years old or meet other conditions. Someone posted some educational info not too long ago around here.

You do need to fill out the FAFSA and see for what stuff you qualify.

You should start applying to schools and completing the federal financial aid forms, and see what you get from each school. That tends to add up to more than these small scholarships for $500 her and $1000 there.

in iowa, voc rehab does not pay for supplies but it will pay for up to 40% of your tuition (minus summer classes). they will also help you find a job and (possibly) a place to live.


contact voc rehab NOW and they will be able to get you a case manager and start working with you on expenses and such. i've had a case manager since april of my senior year in high school (almost 8 years ago). they have helped me with lots of stuff. how much assistance they give you is based on how "disabled" they consider you. i have multiple other health problems in addition to diabetes, so i got the full 40% covered. you will have to discuss your health in full detail with your case manager, in order for them to decide how much assistance they will give you. voc rehab has been an amazing resource for me! they even helped when i decided to go back to college after i had already graduated, and they are helping cover my internship, licensure, and registration exams. 

wow! i wish i had known about voc rehab. I always thought it was for people who are disabled, not just w/ a chronic illness. but, I guess that's a matter of semantics?

it is. to them any disability is something that hinders your activities of daily living. which, diabetes does. of course you can live 'normally' as a diabetic, but you have added responsibilities.