OK, so I have an appt for a Colonoscopy next Wed morning, and I'm faced with a little problem. I am currently between endocrinologists so I don't have a diabetes certified doctor to tell me how to handle all the liquids and no meals. I need input I don't know what to do!

you should prolly be asking the doc who ordered the test what he wants you to do since you dont have an endo at this time.  maybe he will have you reschedule it till you get an endo.

I had an endoscopy recently, and my GI dr was able to give me basic info, although I did check in with the endo after what to do as I started eating again that afternoon.

Are you on MDI or the pump? I'm on MDI. I gave my normal insulin the night before. That morning, I gave a half dose of Lantus. (I'd imagine you could just cut your basal to half on a pump) and scheduled the appt for the first thing in the morning. I wasn't hungry until dinner, and I split my Lantus, so I just took my normal Lantus that night. Do you have an experienced primary care who could help you that afternoon as you ease back into eating?

Also, I didn't feel great after, so my husband made sure they tested me before discharging me. I tried to run around 200 so I wouldn't go low. My GI wasn't able to give me an exact number to aim for, but seemed to agree with that plan of running in the low 200's.

I remember that I did not take insulin before hand and that I purposely ran a little high beforehand. I also remember that the wonderful liquid I drank for 12 hours beforehand was somebody's idea of a cruel joke. I suggest that you stay away from everyone else in the house and board yourself into the


yes i am on MDI also. I have read that other people have just split their Lantus dose the morning of. I take my Lantus at night and not day so should i still only take half?

What do you do if, even after cutting your basal insulin, you’re low in the AM of procedure?

@NavyGal83 you can chew a glucose tab. it’s completely absorbed in 15 minutes.

Thanks Joe, makes sense. I’ll see it that’s ok.

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