Anyone from Colorado?

Yes!  South Denver.  You?

I grew up in Ft. Collins and went to Barbara Davis Center for most of my childhood.  Went to Camp Shady Brook Diabetes camp in Sedalia from 1981-1988.  Now I live in Tulsa, OK.

I went to CSU and graduated in 2005 and I started go to the BDC in about 2001.  I never went to diabetes camp.  I was diagnosed in 1996 which was 8th grade and I already had enough "awkward issues" going on that I didn't even think or know about camp.  How is Tulsa?  I lived in Ponca City, OK a long time ago which is about 2 hours northwest of Tulsa... but I certainly do remember it!

Me too!

Cool Jianop.  8th grade is about when I stopped going to D camp.  Don't think anyone that age wants to hang out with a bunch of other diabetics.  =)

Tulsa is great and for a small city there's a lot going on.  It's not as pretty as Colorado and the weather is isn't great (hot in the summers and icy in the winter).  However the people are so friendly and it's a super affordable place to live.  It's a great place to raise a family.