Comic book & video game based on T1 Diabetes

So, I remembered that my husband was freelancing for some company that was making a video game to help teach kids about T1 Diabetes.  This was long ago, after he had graduated from college, I believe.  Well, I asked him about it and we looked it up because he never heard back from the company if the game ever made it out to the market or not.  This is the website to the game:

I then found a link to another site of a comic book made specifically to educate about T1 Diabetes.  The website is kind of interactive for kids too (that is if you go to explore the Mediland).  Here is the site:

I just thought these were both interesting educational concepts and wanted to share.  I think it's great that there are these fun and creative alternatives to educating about T1 Diabetes.

These look great. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to explore.

Any time!  This is the studio that made the video game, Escape from Diab:

i have a video game on my computer that teches you how to use a pump (pump expiditions