Coming out of the Honeymoon

I haven't been taking ANY insulin for about 2 months now.  Unfortunately, my numbers are now starting to rise.  I had a 350 the other day.  I haven't talked to my endo yet, but before, when I started my honeymoon, she had me only taking Lantus (the long-acting insulin).  My fasting numbers (when I wake up) are usually 80-120, within range, so I feel like it would make more sense to only cover what I eat with Novolog (my fast-acting). 

Does this make sense to anyone else?  Has anybody ever ONLY taken fast-acting insulin, without any long-acting?  I will talk to my endo about this soon, but in the mean time I'm thinking about trying to just take Novolog for food...

if you're between meal numbers (not just your morning fasting) are good as well, i agree with you that you won't need any long acting right now (but you will in the future).

i tell you to go for it and to go ahead and try it (talk with your endo too, of course). the worst that is going to happen is your blood sugars will spike and you'll end up needing another shot of long acting.

i wish you the best of luck, courtney. it's tough and you have been handling it very well. and good for you for continuing to check even when you aren't using insulin!

C, thanks so much!  It really means alot.  When I first started coming to Juvenation, I thought it would be like a textbook, and I could use it to know what to do, but I realize now that this disease is so subjective and there are lots of great tools here, but you can only do your best and make it up as you go along! (what a run-on)

118, took 1 unit and ate 25 g of carbs, its been 1 hour and I'm 116! So far, success!

Hey Courtney...that does sound like it makes sense.  I just wanted to mention I have a friend that has twin boys and one of them has type 1.  Their endo has the other twin that does not have it yet on a long acting shot once a day.  They were told the other twin would be getting it but this would prolong it I guess making the honeymoon even longer.  I would def talk to your endo to see if that is why she had you on the long acting as well.




That is definitely why she had me on the long-acting, and I understand it.  My problem with just being on long-acting was that I had to eat every 3 hours, or I would go really low.  During the time between when my honeymoon started and when I stopped taking just long-acting, I gained quite a few pounds because I had to eat so much so often (and I was down to 5 units of Lantus/day). 


Hi Courtney!

I am in the same position! I thought I was the only one. I was diagnosed in the honeymoon period of Type 1. I recently, in the past week or so, had some numbers in the 300s also. I was given Apidra (fast acting) insulin to use a month after I was diagnosed. I've called my endo 3 times in the last week with questions and concerns. Right now, they have me using the Apidra before meals if my BS is 120 and up to cover my meals and to cover any high BS levels. Anyway, long story short, I know where you are coming from. Feel free to let me know if you ever want to chat about this!

Good luck!