Comment page on Juvenation

Whenever I receive a comment on my page, the email says I can follow the link to respond to it.

But when I click on that hyperlink it just brings me to my Bio page.  Am I missing something?  I'm fairly computer literate but I can't figure out a way to respond to comments.

Help!  Anyone know how to do this?

From your bio, click on "View My Public Profile".  Your comments from other people will be on the very bottom of your page!  To answer them, you will have to go to their profile and click "Leave a Comment".  I am not very good at describing stuff so I hope this helps!

Yeah, thanks.  I've actually been doing it that way but it's a bit of a pain because then you have to refer back to your original email, since it doesn't show you (on the same screen) what the original comment was.  I wonder if that's something that's being worked on?

Oh yah I have no idea about that.  I usually do conversations instead because it shows everything that has already been written before.


The only way to view comments on your actual profile page is if you go there first to read it, then you click the persons name to respond to it on their profile page. Conversations are different. When you start a conversation with someone it is like emailing someone privately. Hopefully seeing wall to wall posts will be available in the upgrade of the website, which should be coming soon. Will let you all know when the upgrade is completed.