Compile food intake and dosing data with Dexcom Clarity

Hello! I’m new here; my daughter (16) was diagnosed last week. I’m a science geek and I want to compile her food intake, dosing, and Dexcom data. Has anyone already figured out a good way to do this before I begin working on it? For now, I’m capturing food intake and dosing data manually.

hi @jshiflet Welcome to Type One Nation. Hey sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis and I hope you have all the resources you need, a CDE, Endo, because this first year can be very overwhelming.

You might want to take a look at the Nightscout project, as a way to get the CGM data open format so you can build the rest of the data on dosing and eating, etc. Just a thought. When I was diagnosed - they made us keep a paper diary I had piles of them…

Don’t forget to record the thing that makes dosing +/- 100% which is exercise/activity. If I learned anything in 40+ years is that I can make 1 unit of insulin do the work of 6 units by walking. Anything with such a large impact on insulin sensitivity is worth noting.

I recommend getting the book “Think Like a Pancreas” it’s worth its weight in gold and an easy read (just go to amazon). and over the next year you will have a new sense of things that they don’t tell you: how stress/illness/injury affect insulin sensitivity, the real deal about fast and slow carbohydrates… etc. good luck and welcome to the forum.

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Thanks, Joe! Appreciate the feedback.

There are numerous apps available for tracking. I’ve tried several, most of which are free, and chose to get an annual subscription to MyNetDiary for reasons of personal preference more than anything else (basically I liked the layout and overall look the best). You can use it to track insulin, exercise, sickness, other health factors such as weight, BP and temp. Like @joe, I did paper and pencil tracking. Am glad there is so much out there to choose from now. I need to take a look at Nightscout one of these days.
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