Complications and how you handle them?

Hi, this question is for anyone who has experienced complications - from minor to major. Honestly, if there is a complication that comes with diabetes, I have probably encountered it. How do you cope mentally with your complications? Physically, I am doing the best I can - but some days the complications that I have experienced have become such a drag that I don’t even want to get out of bed. And it is a struggle to find people to talk to as I get stuck in that “they just don’t get it” mindset. I’m in one of those funks right now.

I am hoping for a little bit more than the typical “I’m just happy that things aren’t worse” type of answers.

Hi Michael @Mjhaskin, during my more than 60 years living well and very actively I’ve had many other “complications” but for the most part I don’t blame them on diabetes - for instance, there are more people who DO NOT have diabetes who develop heart complications which I have had] and die from them than do people with diabetes. Nephrology and neuropathy are commonly associated with diabetes but I know more people without diabetes who have those conditions. Yes, it is easy to blame diabetes.

I will blame my total disregard for my diabetes for the retinopathy with which I have been dealing since diagnosis in 1966; yeah, many surgeries the latest being last month. Other than for my recent [successful] eye surgery last month, I have been under total anesthesia six [6] other times since 2010 to fix other stuff that has broken down. How do I deal with these setbacks? I go at these things with an open mind, and think positive that I will come out on top - yeah, pushing 80 and I’ve out lived almost half of my high-school graduating class. Just think positive.
Look back a few years and you will see that what we now call “TypeOne” was called “juvenile diabetes” and that was for good reason - when I was diagnosed in the 1950’s life expectancy said I would never see adulthood. Yes, I give thanks everyday when I put my feet on the floor and walk and look forward to a full and active day.

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