Complications/ diet soda

I am always curious to know if people with complications use artificial sweeteners. I am T1d for 29 years with no “known” complications. I quit using all artificial sweeteners in 1997 because I didn’t want to take them while I was pregnant/nursing. I never went back to them. Just wondering if there is a connection especially with things like fibromyalgia.


Good question, I have never been told that there was - they even thing sweet and low can now cure cancer!! T1 for 43 years —


I only drink water, diet soda, and occasionally milk. I hate tea, coffee, beer, and wine. I estimate I’ve consumed at least 40,000 cans of diet soda in my 31 years with T1D, and I’m doing just fine. Slight kidney issues and mild neuropathy, but those are typical T1 stuff. Aspartame in particular has been studied to death in pretty much every developed country, and all the clinical studies come back that it is safe as long as you don’t have that phenylketonuria (sp?) blood condition.

I’m a chronic diet coke drinker. T1D for 30 years. No neuropathy. Had to have the laser eye surgery done once on one eye for prolific retinopathy. Started a cmg immediately after, and no problems since. So it might give me cancer, but what doesn’t?

I can’t live without my diet my dew. I have stomach problems and now have been have problems with my feet. I really hope its not the DMD I really don’t like anything else. Water occasionally but I’d rather have my soda

June 2, 2015
I have been diabetic for 62 years and always have had diet soda. Eye complications. I have heard that the sweeteners cause belly fat.