Complications with HPV Vaccine

I was wondering if anyone has had any complications while getting any of the three HPV vaccines?

I got my first one before I was even diabetic and had severe pain and swelling in my arm at the injection site. I got my second one without any problem back in September. Yesterday I got my third one and had some pretty scary complications. A few seconds after she gave me the shot I started to feel dizzy and checked my blood sugar, it was 97. The nurse went and got my some water, when she came back all I remember is her handing me the water and the next thing I know the cup was sitting on the table next to me and I hear her talking on the phone and asking if I can hear her.

I had passed out for what she said was 10-15 seconds and had what she called "seizure activity". It was a very scary experience and she had almost called in someone to take me to the ER. Luckily I came around quickly, you all know how much the ER sucks!

I guess my question could be expanded to all types of vaccines, has anyone had an experience like this before?

Sorry this happened to you. :( I didn't get the vaccine (I'm married, so I'm not really at risk for HPV anymore), but my sister-in-law and step-sister both got it, and they both experienced similar problems to you. They both had extreme pain and swelling at the injection site, and dizziness/lightheadedness/nausea. Neither of them actually seized or passed out, but they were both very uncomfortable.

I got the shots years ago before I was even diabetic, and I don't recall have any complications at all. except for the fact that I hated getting shots so I didn't enjoy it, and now I'm diabetic and have to deal with shots all the time haha.

reason 1 why i don't get vaccines, they mess with your body!

I haven't gotten the HPV vaccine (already have the virus anyways apparently) so I don't have a personal experience but I've heard of friends (who are not D's) having problems with all kinds of vaccine shots, including the H1N1 and flu vaccine last year. I think some people are just more sensitive to certain things and their bodies react differently. 

at least this is the last of the vaccine shots for the virus right? hopefully if you have to get another vaccine down the road this won't happen!!

I would wonder if that was related to the vaccine and not your D. Almost all vaccine info sheets say that seizures are 'rare' but possible. I'd make sure that it was reported as needed even if you didn't go to the ER. For some reason I seem to have read about this happening more with the HPV vaccine than with others though still not 'common'.